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We at BridgeSoft can help you realize your ideas, needs and business strategies, scaled to fit the budget and size of your organization. We believe that close collaboration with you, our customer, is imperative, as it is you and your users, who have a need that we have to cater to - we wish to deliver a product that truly live up to the potential you envisioned... and perhaps even more than that.

BridgeSoft Ltd provides web and software development as well as general IT consultancy services to companies of all sizes anywhere in the world. We undertake complete software development projects, partake in existing projects and/or consult on IT decision-making on a freelance and project basis.

We are a small team of experienced, Microsoft certified, full-stack software developers and project managers with more than 10 years individual experience with technologies such as:

Further, with an MBA graduate in our ranks, we are also fully qualified to understand and develop you business needs and strategies, as well as bridging the gap between your actual needs and the final functionality of the end product.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your idea, need or project, so that we can provide you with advice, possible solutions and, if you decide to invite us to do so, an offer on the project.

For any enquiries, please contact:

Martin Lauritzen
Ph: +45 3696 5674


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